valentines day surprise.

Hi friends!
Hope your Valentine's Day was a sweet one!
Whether you celebrated with gals, your Bf or fur baby-
you deserve all the chocolate and roses in the world!
This happens to be my FAVORITE holiday!
And trust me-
one time I was dumped on Valentine's Day- so I know it can be a lame day..
but once Zakary Jordan waltzed into my life, it's been mushy gushy and full of flowers and I love it!
And to understand why-
I gotta tell a quick story!
Back in highschool when we first started dating I woke up on Valentine's Day to find my car stuffed full of flowers, gifts balloons and one of those giant teddy bears you see at Costco!
I for sure thought it was my parents just being really sweet-
I never thought a boy would do something like this for little ole me!?
I. was. SMITTEN!!
And then on top of it he had planned a full day of date surprises all over Arizona and it was just the cutest, kindest thing ever.
Soooo the next year-
to show how much I appreciated it I flipped the switch and surprised him with all the lovey dovey things!
And since then folks we've been taking turns and surprising each other on Valentine's Day-
almost TEN years!!
And now that's when the San Diego Symphony comes into play!
This year was MY year- so I knew I could count on the symphony to help me have the BEST surprise ever!
Are yah ready for it?!
I gave him the new Fantastic Beasts Illustrated book-
AND THEN.. put two tickets to see... drum roll please...
The orchestra plays the soundtrack live while the movie plays on the big screen- it's phenomenal!
I mean, that's a pretty rad surprise for the biggest HP fan ever right?!
Lets just say he was pumped!!

Buttt before I show yah the pictures-
lets rewind to the morning of Valentine's Day!
Liam and I woke up to the prettiest flowers, colorful balloons and some really sweet gifts from the best daddy ever!

We then had a "hearty" breakfast-
and had a MAJOR dance party in the kitchen to celebrate 

Oh and we also had to take a little field trip to the San Diego Cake Pop Shop for some fun treats!
PS if you like sweets- 
this little gem is for you!!

We then spent the afternoon baking all kinds of cookies, cakes and cupcakes for Zak-
and handed out treats and Valentine's for our neighbors!

Zak got home early (woot woot) and we had a blast hanging out at home and then surprised Zak with the San Diego Symphony tickets!!

Our little date to the symphony was SO much fun you guys.
We started by having dinner at our favorite diner in Coronado Island, Clayton's, talked about life, ate the best meals and then got dessert and walked around downtown after!

I love my highschool sweetheart so much it hurts.

Look at that acai bowl-

We can't thank the San Diego Symphony enough for the tickets-
AMAZING seats and it literally gave us have chills-
the orchestra was so good!
Like unbelievably good!
Why can't we always watch movies like this!?

Hearing the opening theme song play was MAGICAL!

I can't recommend the symphony enough-
best Valentine's Day ever!


it's okay to say no.

Hi loves!
I hope ya'll had the best Christmas!
I can't wait to share ours with yah real soon!
New Years it quickly approaching,
which means new goals, new resolutions and a new you!
I'm alllllll about the fresh start if yah couldn't tell?!

Sweater: HERE
Jumpsuit: HERE

I heard a quote that really spoke to me and wanted to post on here-

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I'm actually as proud of the things we haven't done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” Steve Jobs.

And now as I think about my goals for 2018-
I'm keeping this in mind BIG TIME!
Quality over quantity.
Being Intentional.

I think my biggest goals are going to be from a creative standpoint-
and will have a lot to do with this little ole blog of mine!
I can't wait to share more of my plans with you!
Over the next few days I'm going to pin point my 2018 goals/mantras/resolutions and I'll share them with yah next week!

So as you start to plan the new year-
keep this quote in mind!
It's okay to say no.
It's okay not to be sooooo busy.
It's okay not to have a million projects going on. 
What does success look like to you?
Is it being active daily?
Taking time to read each night?
Having more girl time?
Remember, "her success isn't your failure!"
Figure out what success means to you in this season of life?
What do you want?
And what do you not want..
because the ladder is just as important!

I hope ya'll end the year with a bang!!
Ps big thanks to Romwe for these cute threads!
I'm obsessed with this jumpsuit and sweater!!


gift guides for babes.

Hi loves!
Okay so now here's my gift guide 
AKA wish list 
AKA I hope Zak reads this-
 because these are all the things mama wants!
I like to keep this short, sweet and inspirational if yah need a little help with gifts this holiday season!
Below are:

I'm dying for these eyeglasses from Sunglass Optical!
big frames are my jam- and something that lasts forever!
I love ordering from this local company and they have three different locations in SD-
all with the latest brands at the best prices.
Oh and they do custom fittings as well- fun gift for the holidays!
Also here's a coupon for $20 off your purchase of $100 or more:
Just print it out and bring it in the store with yah!

- My go to hair spray and blow dryer
- and the Caudalie I'm dying for (since yah know I'm on a fresh skin journey)!

- new Nikes and these are on major sale!
- and these are the leggings I'm obsessed with!
- Also in love with this sweater for after gym and crop top!

- and I'm all about the jumpsuits!

- these anthro bowls are my fave
- I collect these prints, love getting all the places we've been to!

Everything linked above-
is shown below!
Happy shopping loves!

gift guide for littles.

Hi loves!
So today I wanted to share my "favorite things" gift guides for littles!
High quality items {AKA they last}, aesthetically pleasing for you and great learning tools for them!
So in case yah need some inspo, ideas or last minute stocking stuffers-
here are my faves below!

Okay first up-
We absolutely adore Bookroo-
a monthly book subscription for kiddos-
you pick board or picture books and these beautifully curated, wrapped books are delivered right to your door.
Perfect present!
You can build their library and give them the gift of literature-
the benefits of reading are endless!
If you couldn't tell I could go on and on!
We love Bookroo so much and have been using the service since Liam was 3 months old-
and now he chooses books over screens.
Best gift ever.

My Cosatto umbrella stroller-
I literally use it twice a day!
It's soo cute, light weight and super easy to fold.
Fun design for kiddos and stylish design for parents!

We're big fans of the big wooden sets-
so much fun learning the shapes, colors and sizes!

Trains, plains and automobiles!
And these below are super cute!

Grocery carts, forts, pretend kitchen ware-
They love what you love and want to do everything you do-
but solo!
So I love getting Liam his own, "big boy" toys like the tool set!

Make sure and scroll to the next page to see some more ideas!
Happy shopping everyone!

my momiform.

Hi loves!
Okay I confess that I am a total outfit repeater!
If I like something, I wear it.
End of story!
Because for me, if it's comfortable, affordable and cute-
I'm sold!
So here are the links to my momiform and that I'm loving right now:

Sweater $19.99 - HERE
Leggings $34.99- HERE
Crop top $16.99- HERE
Tennies $69.00 (20% off)- HERE

PS I got high waisted in the leggings- and it's my favorite fit!

Okay now that I got the important stuff outta the way-
how have you guys been?!
We went to Utah this weekend to see fam- and yes I wore this traveling so it's airport approved too!
It was so nice and relaxing. 
But also sweet to be back in sunny San Diego- I'm not build for the cold anymore.
We have Disneyland, San Fran and then Christmas in the next two weeks and I'm just giddy with excitement!
I also have some big NEW plans for this little ole blog come the 2018 that I'm super thrilled about.
But anywho- I'll be posting a last min gift guide for babes and mamas this week sooo watch out for that!
Have you gotten your shopping done yet?!
I... have not.
Hence the gift guide my friends.
I hope you all have a kick butt Monday-
we're finally feeling better {no more red eyes!!}, back to our routine {made it to the gym this morning} and can't wait to do all the holiday things the rest of the month!


hambsch family Christmas card

Hi friends!
Okay big deal to tell yah about! 
We are sending out our Christmas cards BEFORE Christmas!
I mean, mom win or what?!
They are such cute Christmas cards thanks to the ever so cute Basic Invite!
We've been sending holiday cards since we were Newlyweds-
I think it's such a fun tradition!
I hang them up around Christmas and it's always sweet to look back and see the different cards from the different chapters in our life..
- Omaha- we used our wedding photo as our first!
- Iowa- I was reporting and Zak was in his second year of medical school!
- Phoenix- I was very preggo
- Scottsdale- Liam's first debut!
And now San Diego!
I also love writing a little "year in review" as well to kinda catch everyone up on what we're doing-
since yah know we tend to move just a bit!
Ps how dapper does Liam look in his bow tie?!
Can't handle his cuteness!
And PPS if yah still need to order your Christmas cards-
use "HOLI30" to snag 30% off your order!
Woot woot!
PPPS shout out to our wonderful neighbors Bailey Films for these photos-
priceless I tell yah!

We just got our cards back and LOVE how the turned out.
Ya'll know I'm obsessed with bright colors so this card was meant for me!
I also have the cutest assistant or cutest distraction {both work} helping me address all the envelopes so we can send them to our loved ones.
And as much as I love sending cards- it's always so fun to get them too!
See everyone's holidays photos, families growing, people moving-
such a sweet tradition!
Hooray for snail mail!

And speaking of color...
 Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. 
Once you select a design you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color options- 
for example I changed this green to "mint" instead of "sea foam" and was obsessed with it!
 So you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it down to the littlest detail. 
They also have over 40 different colors when it comes to their envelopes-
so your card can be merry and bright before it's even opened!
Here are some more examples below!

This card was my runner up-
again you know I love the color!

So anywho-
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
Here is our virtual holiday card- 
the real deal will be coming soon to a mailbox near you!
And a big thank you to Basic Invite for the beautiful and bright cards-
we love them!